Collaborative Law

An Innovative Approach

Everyone knows that court battles can be costly and time consuming. In all-out “no holds barred” litigation, it can seem that no one wins. The resulting stress, tension, and hostility are unhealthy at a time which is already overwhelmingly emotional. What if there was a less expensive, less hostile alternative that completely avoids litigation? Now there is. It is a process that creates a collaborative divorce agreement which results in a quicker and cheaper - but still equitable - divorce.

Collaborative family law is fairly new to the East Coast. Toms River, New Jersey collaborative law attorneys Stacey D. Kerr  is one of the few lawyers in Ocean County qualified to assist clients in this process. Contact the Law Office of Kerr & Thomlison today to find out more about this alternative, less contentious and more emotionally healthy process of creating a Marital Settlement Agreement.

The goal of the collaborative divorce process is to come up with an equitable, fair resolution of all the issues involved in divorce. At the law office of New Jersey Collaborative Lawyer Stacey D. Kerr, we have found that the collaborative law process is superior to divorce litigation:

  • Emotional well-being of children after their parents’ divorce is better.

  • Process is often less costly to all parties.

  • Less emotional scarring takes place so that all parties may get on with their lives.

Contact us today to talk with Stacey Kerr, a regular Ocean County Early Settlement Panelist and long-standing member of the Ocean County Family Law Committee. Find out more about this less contentious and less costly process of obtaining a divorce.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law provides clients and their lawyers with a new, informal and non-adversarial approach to resolving legal disputes. It encourages mature, cooperative and non-combative behavior. Both parties agree to eliminate litigation as an option. We use mediation and negotiation techniques to help parties reach an amicable divorce settlement. We have found that litigation requires a commitment of time, energy, and money but often it does not achieve a positive outcome that provides a cost effective or even a good solution to clients’ problems. Many clients are looking for experienced and skilled legal counsel but do not want to go through the lengthy process of litigation.

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